MEDIA EXPANSION SYSTEM is an independent production house based in Lahore, Pakistan. The company has gone from strength to strength gathering together some of the most talented individuals in the field to help create highly original, award-winning work. MES has its own design department, editing and post-production facilities as well as resources for concepts and development. The company has high profile management board and has strict corporate governance. We have dedicated team of Copy Writers, Cinematographers, Film Directors, Executive Producers, Location Managers, Sound Engineers and Animators. We offer wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production with highest professional standards. We provide productions with a full package of services - from research to coordination, filming and post production.

Our major services include Feature Film Production, Drama Production, TVC Production, HD Production, Digital Film Production, Equipment Rental, Film Locations, Post Productions, 3D Animation and SFX, Screenplay Development and Doctoring, Casting Management for Lollywood Projects, Film Promotion and Marketing throughout the world, PR Services, Corporate Film Production Services, Music Video Production and Event Management. Our pioneering business model enables our talent to share their expertise across projects, locations, disciplines and sectors. It means we can operate in every major market and at every stage of a project’s development. Media Expansion System has no borders, time zones or limits on capacity and is able to adapt to the constantly changing needs and ambitions of content creators worldwide.

Mission Statement

Mission of Media Expansion System is to be a world-class production house. We strive to provide engaging and entertaining content for our clients and viewers our entire world. We desire to measure success for our clients through services mutually agreed upon between the Media Expansion System and the clients. We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission.

Our Team

Our team comprises some of the best creative & astute minds hand-picked from the masses. We have the right combination of young, energetic as well as weathered and experienced industry professionals with specializations and strong portfolios in creative, art and strategy.

We are a full service marketing & advertising agency with a vision to explore new dimensions of creativity and ideas. We are relatively new in the industry with an experienced & skilled team having a rich heritage in advertising.

We are a powerhouse of ideas unlike any other. Our thoughts and ideas are not chained to the ground, our imagination still runs wild. We are not afraid to think beyond the ordinary, we are not afraid to venture into unexplored territories. We are inventors & discoverers. We are the sort of people who blaze trails for others to follow. We aim to provide the very highest standards of work and excellent value for money. Our inspiration is to create the bizarre ideas to make our clients visible, differentiated, and relevant. We strongly oppose the traditional belief that huge marketing & advertising budgets are required for the effective & successful campaign; in fact it’s always the supremacy of BIG IDEA which turns on the ignition and brings out the desired results.