We strive to give our clients the specialized attention they deserve and ensure that every detail in our work is executed to its highest potential. At MES we provide following services to our clients.

At MES, our talent, experience, and knowledge enable us to offer a wide range of multimedia services for Dramas, Music videos, Film, Documentaries, TVC, Music Shows, Stage Shows, Game Shows, Talk Shows, Panel Discussions, Fashion Shows etc.

Our creative team of directors, editors, scriptwriters, and designers ensure that we’re prepared to handle your entire production. Each one of our clients gets a custom video production that meets their budgetary and creative needs. MES’s creative approach helps to shape your ideas and message into an engaging visual experience. From TV commercials and marketing videos to streaming media on the web, we have the cutting-edge skills and ambitious drive to produce the results your company deserves.

We provide following services in the field of production:


Every production is unique. MES analyzes your needs and determines the best way to approach fulfilling them. During the pre-production phase, our staff develops a battle plan and offers only the services you need without the excess. We then give you a detailed outline of your production with timelines, services included for the entire production, and delivery specifications. Some of the many individual services offered in pre-production are storyboards, script writing, research and development, and location scouting.


Our crews are composed entirely of industry professionals. We offer full service crews that include directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, and production audio... just to name a few. We will use only the crew members needed to get the production done right, no more, no less. Additionally, we are well-versed in all formats and styles of filmmaking. No production is too big or small.


MES additionally offers a full range of post-production services. During picture editing, we work with you so that we get your vision right. We invite our clients to give us feedback during post production and work together to see your production through.

In terms of audio, our audio mixers and editors adhere to strict television broadcast standards and deliver a final mix that shines. Our music composers and extensive sound effects libraries bring your production to life as well as our team of graphic designers. Lastly, we are experienced in all delivery formats. We have all the necessary resources to deliver your final cut in any format and in a timely manner.


Animation is a powerful skill to have in our creative toolbox. 3D animation is used to aid product visualization, to preview architectural structures, to showcase product prototypes and to bring brands to life. Our animation techniques include 3D Studio Max and Maya for 3D model creation, Combustion and After FX for compositing and rot scoping, Elastic Reality morphing and Liquid Chrome HD for editing and polishing of animated 2D and 3D material. We can create animated characters, integrate computer animations into your existing footage and help you communicate more effectively. We can work with photographs in a 3D environment to produce stunning 2D or 3D fly through. Our 2D design skills include hand drawn cartoon images, flash / shockwave animation and key / stop framed motion.

Motion Graphics
We possess an efficient production pipeline and the latest hardware and software technology that help us produce highly complex visual effects and are a reliable source in terms of post-production as well as all the required preparatory work. We offer a full-service, boutique video production facility specializing in HD green screen studio production, execution of motion design concepts, VFX realization, creative full resolution editing and digital compositing/digital post production from complex visual effects to fully-animated feature films, documentaries and simple retouches, everything you need to complete your production.